You have a dream
But something’s standing in the way

I know you. Wanna bet?


Let me guess…

You dream big and have set some pretty major goals for yourself in life. You have never liked the idea of doing what is expected of you.  You just want to be able to live life on your own terms and the thought of doing something that lights you up sounds pretty frickin’ awesome, even if it is a little unconventional. 

But maybe you also…

Trust me, I’ve been there.

You’re a rebel at heart! You walk to the beat of your own drum and really want to make your own rules in life in order to live on your terms.  Me too!

(See, I told you I knew you 😉) 

But wait…

Shh… come closer.  You want to know what else I know?

I know that despite you being one badass b&*%h, sometimes you need a little help.  Someone to help guide you through making a change in your life. Especially one that goes against the “norm”.  Change on any level can be difficult. It pulls us away from what feels safe and comfortable and catapults us into feelings of fear and discomfort.  But making a change in your life that your family doesn’t understand, your partner doesn’t support, or society believes isn’t the traditional life path- is even harder. I’m not going to sit here and tell you it’ll be easy.  You’ll likely shed a few tears. You may want to quit a time or two.  

But one thing I can tell you, is that it will be 100% worth it. 

There is nothing like going after something you want and watching it come to fruition.

AND there’s no better feeling on the planet than getting to a place where you feel so confident and empowered that nothing and no one can stop you.

Man, that’s where it’s at my friend.

You’re not alone on this journey

I have been there, I have experienced the doubts, I have felt misunderstood, I have questioned whether I am good enough and I have overcome it all and succeeded.  And you can too.


You’re ready to harness that power of yours and start living life on your own terms and I’m here to help you get out of your own way, reach your full potential and kick butt at life like the badass babe that you are!

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