Does my story
sound like yours?

You feel it don’t you?


That fire that’s burning inside of you whenever you think about that dream life you desire, that big goal you want to go after, the next level version of yourself you want to become so badly. 

That’s not just a fantasy. It’s not even desire.

THAT is your purpose

The Universe doesn’t put things on your heart if you are not meant for it.  So why do we hold ourselves back if it’s a no brainer guarantee that we can do the damn thing? 

That was me several years ago. Doubting myself and my biggest desires.

But one thing I never gave up on, was my dream

I wanted to be able to live life on MY terms. To create a life for myself that made me feel fulfilled and allowed me the time and space to have the freedom I desired. To do work that made me excited to get out of bed every morning, to feel in complete alignment with everything I was doing in my life and most importantly to be completely authentically ME. To never let the opinions of others or the expectations of society dim my light, quiet my voice, or make me play small. 

“I didn’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel.

I lit that bitch up myself.”

And I want to help you do the same.

Hi, I’m Shannon

and I’m here to help you discover what you truly want out of life, eliminate your blocks and limiting beliefs, gain confidence and feel empowered to take action towards a life that is truly in alignment with who you are.

Not what others think you’re supposed to do. Not what feels safe or in your comfort zone. Not what just pays the bills.

What YOU want.

What lights YOU up.

What YOUR purpose is. 

If you’re ready to harness that power and step fully into the badass babe that you are, so you can start living life on your terms, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Let’s turn this music all the way up


Fun Facts

I’ve Got A Thing For…

Deep convos, belly laughs, and being a dancing fool.
Also really into healing crystals, working out and anything from the 70’s.

Music Vibes

Country concerts are a fave but I’ve got a rock n’ roll heart. Whiskey Meyers is my favorite band and I’ve been obsessed with Koe Wetzel lately.

Happy Place

Around a campfire under the stars with my besties, good conversations and lots of laughs. I also really love river floats and lake days!

You’ll Never Guess…

I’ve been sober my entire life.
I was a costume designer for 10 years.
I do some epic car karaoke.
And I’m terrified of frogs (don’t judge me haha)

My Deets

Leo Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising
Enneagram 2W3
and an INFJ! What are you??

Are You Ready To Transform?

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